Tuesday 9/23/14

Welcome to another fantastic week here in the Mini Mansion. We’ve got Lil’ Duval in the house co-hosting this week, so let’s make him feel at home, shall we?


We started things off by talking about Duval’s “open” relationship with his girl, and who exactly they’re looking for when they want to get a little three-some action. Here’s a pro tip: talk! If they wanted a blow-up doll, they’d get (another) one.

After that, it was time to dump out the ol’ inbox, with our Fe-Mail! Carrie Lynn helped us read some electronic letters from folks like you and hopefully cleared some things up for all of you out there in TV land. Well, if anything, we just pray we didn’t confuse you even more.

Next, it was time for our Strip Spelling Bee, which they did up in Montreal recently, but we figured we’d re-create it in case you weren’t in that area at that time. It’s a long shot, but we’re going for it. Our models Lisa, Tiana, and Bobbi Dean came in and showed us their moves on the pole while they spelled stripping-related words. These girls really showed us that they could take the competition if it happens next year, and to Duval’s chagrin, they got many words right and remained clothed for a good portion of the game. We’ll just have to turn up the heat later on…

We took a short break and then came back with a little Hot Girl Focus Group, Break-up Edition! We had all of our models sit on the couch and discuss crazy reasons either they’ve broken up with someone, or someone’s broken up with them. It seems unthinkable to want to break up with one of these babes, but as Vince Neil so eloquently sang: sometimes you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.

Then, we welcomed in Nicole Byer, comedian from MTV’s “Girl Code.” Nicole came in and let Duval sit on her lap, and it looked like he wanted to do the whole show from there. Maybe next time.

nicole nicolelap

Nicole stuck around for our next game, the world’s longest-running naked game show: Know It or Show It! Since it’s the first day of autumn, our ladies came into the studio ready to lose their lingerie, but also had some tricks up their leaves…. in the form of leaf pasties. Duval was ready to make this game a more naked affair than earlier in the show and did so with gusto. He’s a natural, it seems.


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