Wednesday 9/24/14

Welcome to another Wheel Wednesday here in the Mini Mansion. Let’s take the ol’ girl out for a spin.

Things got going this morning when we took a look at Lil Duval’s pictures that he took from his chair during yesterday’s show. If you’ve ever wondered what our crazy little show looks like from the hosts’ desk, now you know: they’ve definitely got the best seats in the house.


We also introduced Duval to our Gratuitous Nudity button, which when pressed sends out a girl doing some sort of random activity in the nude. He got a little smash-happy with it, but we’re not complaining.

We then talked via Skype with Holly Polyester, a self-proclaimed Dick-Knitting Granny. That’s right, these Dick-orations she makes by hand (you can find her on Etsy), and are the perfect thing you need to perk up any room in your house. These penises really tie the room together.

Following that, it was time to spot some dildos of our own in a game we call Where’s Dildo? It’s the newest photo fad on the internet and we knew that we’d be in the big leagues, if somebody would only give us a shot! Andrea and Duval showed off their skills and tracked down each and every one of them, leaving none behind.

We took a short break and then came back with a game known simply as Know Your Lil’s. We’ve gotten to know Lil Duval over the past two days, but we wanted to see if he knew some other famous Lil people. He’s actually friends with many of these guys, but not the cat. Sorry, Bub.

Then, our ladies took to the couch to participate in one of our favorite games here on the Morning Show: Name That Alleged Perv! We saw four pictures of (alleged) pervs and then had to try to pin the face to the crime. It’s a lot more subjective than you think, and none of our observations hold up in court, so don’t subpoena us please.

Finally, we took the Wheel out yet again to spin it round and round and act out a fantasy for a lucky caller on the lines. We were lucky enough to see an O-face Off, and a Lap Dance Battle. Andrea and Duval even gave it a spin. Even if you don’t get to spin the wheel, you have to admit: it’s fun to fantasize.


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