Thursday 9/25/14

It’s another Thursday Morning Show here in the Mini-est of Mansions. Check out our show!

We began with some Mr. Skin nudity action, where he gave us the low-down on some “Simpsons” stars who’ve done nudity in the past, among other things. A lot less yellow than we imagined. Go figure.

After that, we welcomed in Miss October, Roxanna June. You might get those months mixed up, but it’s not really important, the only thing that matters is that she’s here, she’s hot, and she’s ready to try her hand at the Playmate Pick Six. She made history today as the first ever Playmate to go six-for-six, and what a glorious day it was.


We took a short break and then came back with Nick Stoeberl on Skype, a comedian who was also recently awarded the record for longest tongue on a human being. At a crazy 10.1 cm from tip to lip, it’s a beast to say the least, and has to be seen to be believed. We’ll keep our distance, though.

Finally, we wrapped up our show today by saying goodbye to guest host Lil Duval with a little tribute in the style of one of his music videos, with a segment called Show Me What Dat Mouf Do. Our ladies showed their stuff in three rounds: kissing, deepthroating, and licking. After some tough competition, we decided that it was a three-way tie, because three-ways are always better.


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