Monday 9/29/14

It’s another brand, spanking new week here with the Playboy Morning Show. Let’s roll it out.

Join us in welcoming our new guest host for the week, Jersey-born fitness guru Kenny Santucci! He’s working us out and trying his best to whip us into shape. It’s the second-best way to get the blood flowing in the morning.


Our first segment today saw us focus in… with a Hot Girl Focus Group. We recently read that your masturbation habits say a lot about your personality, so we thought we’d see if our models’ behavior lined up with who they were. It seems to go along with the research, and their most private moments are when these ladies are the most true to themselves. It’s a beautiful thing.

092914_03 092914_02

After that, we ran through some cardio with What Kenny You Do?, where guest host Kenny Santucci jumped up from behind the desk and guided our ladies through some functional fitness exercises. The fact that they were doing them in high heels only impressed us more. We wouldn’t be able to do squat.

To keep our heart rates up, we played a game called Rear End Zones next, where our girls fielded a snap from Andrea and then ran into the end zone and did their best touchdown celebration dance. You think they’d get flagged for flashing?

We took a short break and then came back with a little Kisstory lesson from our new model Taylor. She told us a story about how she had sex with her boyfriend while he was getting prepped for surgery at the doctor’s office. The best part? Cody and Sarah acted the whole thing out for us. Beats having to use our lazy imaginations, that’s for sure.

We then welcomed in Ryan Rottman, star of the new MTV show “Happyland,” which premieres tomorrow! He talked about the seedy underbelly of the theme park world, and about how the worst part about getting robbed is when they steal your gun.


Finally, we rounded out the show by playing an amusement park-themed round of Chicktionary. Andrea, Kenny, and Ryan all paired up with a girl and did their best to guess what exactly they were drawing on Sarah’s naked body. We take nude art to the next level.

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