Tuesday 9/30/14

We’re having a Technical Difficulty Tuesday here in the Mini Mansion, but our hosts are professionals and know how to handle any bumps in the road: Gratuitous Nudity! We should have a show like this every day.

Things got going this particular morning when we chatted with brand-new model Dorothy. She enlightened us on what exactly a “slime fetish” is, and then we initiated her with a quick-change challenge. We all learned an important lesson here today: watch your heels.

After that, we welcomed in Josh Thomas, star of the show “Please Like Me” on Pivot.tv. This Aussie-born comedian told us about his semi-autobiographical show, and what it’s like now that his life IS the show.

josh 093014_07

We kept him around and welcomed in our ladies to play a game called Dick Pics, where we see a photo of something that looks like a dick, but isn’t, and then make our best funny caption for it. It relies on wits, cunning, and a very immature sense of humor. We call it the big three.

In lieu of a break, we hit the Gratuitous Nudity button and let our ladies run wild here in the studio. All hail the mighty button!

Next, we ran through a quick round of Song Tit-les, where our sexy models acted out popular songs and Andrea and guest host for the week Kenny had to guess what they were. These ladies did a pretty good job, considering these songs are nearly half a century older than they are.

Then we welcomed in Jon Braver, creator of “Delusion,” which is an interactive spooky play that weaves the audience into the story. It ain’t your Grandma’s Haunted House. Although, that does sound pretty scary.


Since Jon was here with us, we put a scary twist on Know It or Show It, by having our girls don masks, as well as their sexy lingerie. It got us excited and scared at the same time. As long as the heart’s pumping, that’s a good thing.

093014_06 093014_01

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