Wednesday 10/1/14

It’s the beginning of October, and we can’t contain our excitement for our favorite holiday, Halloween! The other ones just don’t have as good of excuses to dress sexily.

We started things off today by welcoming in Lauren and Veronica, who would be our pumpkin-carving models today. They shared their experience (Veronica once won a contest, and Lauren usually sticks with the standard jack-o-lantern), and then we welcomed in Doug Goodreau, who’s a professional pumpkin carver. He schooled us in his various techniques, and then the pulp started to fly.

100114_02 100114_03 100114_04

As that was going on, we brought in Danielle and Juliette to participate in our traditional Wednesday game, Wheel of Fantasy! We solicited some calls and then tried our best to make their fantasies come alive. Put the emphasis in that last phrase wherever you want.

100114_05 100114_07

We took a short break and then checked out the pumpkin masterpieces. We gotta say, Doug is a great teacher, because these ladies really made those lanterns pop. Oh, and Doug’s wasn’t too shabby either.


After that, we talked via Skype with Mathias Kaer, a restaurant owner from Copenhagen who has started giving out dildos with his burgers. His spot is apparently like Hooters in Denmark, and we have to say we think that his idea makes him one Great Dane.

In our next game, Walk of Shame, our ladies started out blindfolded on our bed and had to trek across the studio in order to find their clothes. This is all in honor of our college issue, which you should definitely get your hands on ASAP. We’ll be having some of those lovely ladies come by the studio in the coming weeks, so prepare yourselves for that, too. Class is in session.


Finally, our ladies ran over to our showers, which we converted into a genuine pumpkin-smashing arena to watch all of the girls’ hard work go to waste. Sure was fun to watch, though.

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