Thursday 10/2/14

It’s the end of our week here in the Mini Mansion, but don’t let that get you down! We still had an amazing show to send you away with…

We got things going this morning, as we have so many Thursdays here in the past: with Mr. Skin dropping a line. And we’re not talking about those terrible puns he loves so much. Skin let us know the haps around the world of celebrity nudity, and showed us some pics to boot. TV is really embracing the nudity thing, and we have to say, we’d like to pat ourselves on the back for showing them the way.

After that, we played a quick round of Ebowling, the hilarious game named after the infectious disease. There’s no connection between the outbreak and this game, we just thought the name was funny. Our models Lisa, Drew, Kat, and Ashley came in and rolled the ball, trying to knock down all the pins. Any leftover meant that they had to remove that article of clothing. Not that it mattered, as they pretty much all lost all their clothes right away. Get these ladies some bumpers.

We then welcomed in funnyman Gilbert Gottfried! Gilbert regaled us with tales of his Playboy article and told us about his podcast, which you should definitely check out. The man’s a legend.


We took a short break, and let Gilbert go into the hallway to teach some of our ladies some jokes. While he was giving them the funny, we brought in Cassie Scerbo, actress from the new show “Bad Judge.” Cassie gave us the low-down on what it’s like being a Hollywood hottie, and we thank her for that. We can only imagine. She’s also an anti-bullying leader, which only makes us love her more.


Gilbert and the girls were ready at that point, and took to the stage after a rather enthusiastic introduction from their (obviously very proud) coach. It just goes to show that you don’t need to know someone’s name to introduce them as long as you have confidence. The girls told some jokes and clearly took his teachings to heart, eliciting giggles from Cassie and our hosts. Although that may have been more at Gilbert than anything.


Finally, we rounded out our show with a little game we’re calling Kiss and Tell, where our girls hear the name of a kissing style and then have to do their best to show us what they think it is. It’s called Kiss and Tell because they kiss and you can tell it’s super hot.

Thanks to Kenny Santucci for guest hosting for us this week, we’ll see you on the flip. DEUCES.

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