Monday 10/6/14

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, helping you get up twice in the morning since 2006.

We began this fresh week by welcoming in our fresh guest host, Ryan Stout. Ryan’s background is in stand-up comedy and he’s a regular on “Chelsea Lately,” so we can’t wait to put his quick wits up against our models’ nice tits.


The first little game we rocked this morning is called Who Would You Do? Halloween edition, wherein our sexy girls tell us which monster out of a pair that they’d rather sleep with. Logic plays a key role here, and maybe these monsters wouldn’t be so scary if they got a little lovin’. Just saying.


After that we talked via Skype with Ali B, one of our hot models from Playboy’s “Girls of the ACC” pictorial. She’s repping Syracuse and her picture features her atop a gigantic pile of oranges, which she told us she actually got to take home after her shoot. We’ve always recommended getting your daily vitamin O.

Next up was Howe To with the  Howe Twins. Since the college issue of Playboy just dropped, we figured we have them teach us how to build some furniture for the dorm room you invariably inhabit your first year. A word to the wise: actually screw the legs into the table, especially in Southern California. Propping it up against a wall or bed only goes so far.

100614_02 100614_03 100614_05

We took a short break and then came back to feature our ladies reading some poetry they’d written, all about their favorite F-Words. These hip cats earned some snaps with their beatnik antics, and may have a real talent for word-smithing if this modeling thing ever falls through. Let’s hope to God it doesn’t.


Finally, we wrapped up the show by playing No Strings Attached. Ali Rose and Miranda were tied together and the Howe Twins were as well, putting their heads together and trying not to step too far apart. Good news is, those bikini strings pull off no matter what. They’re the true heroes of the morning.

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