Tuesday 10/7/14

It’s another Tit-tastic Tuesday at the titular Playboy Morning Show, so stick around and check us out.

This morning got underway with a short discussion about our guest host Ryan’s anosmia, which means he can’t smell! We can think of a few ways that could be detrimental, but also a few ways were that would be an advantage. It’s like a really lame super power or something.

After we got to know Ryan a little better, we celebrated the Supreme Court’s non-action on the case against gay marriage, because no news is good news when people are fighting to keep lesbians away from each other. With that pretext, we had Drew and Dani come out and play a round of one of our favorite games: Lesbian Chicken! I mean, how could you ever see anything wrong with something this sexy?

We then chatted via Skype with another one of our “Girls of the ACC” from the magazine, Brittany Ann from UNC. Brittany’s photos featured her with a rainbow lollipop, so we had our girls show off some of their “skills” on some mouth-candy of their own.

We took a break and then came back to introduce the Suicide Girls: Blackheart Burlesque troupe. These tatted-up babes let us in on how easy it is to get action while constantly touring, and then led Ryan through a lesson in burlesque 101. If they can get him to twerk, they can probably get almost anybody to.

Finally, we welcomed all of our sexy models back into the studio for some Know It or Show It! The longest-running naked game show in the world proved once again why it still reigns supreme in the realm of nude trivia, making short work of our girls’ wardrobes. Truly, it is the game of kings.

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