Wednesday 10/8/14

Welcome to another mid-week, wacky wheel-tastic Wednesday here in the Mini Mansion. We’ll all get over the hump if we want it hard enough.

The show got going this morning when we checked out the first of a few of our “Blood Moon” cams from across the world. We saw people the world over checking out the reddish hue of last night’s moon, and we have to say… we don’t remember it being so sexy.


After that, we brought in Helenea and Carrie to talk to us about their porno preferences in our Hot Girl Focus Group segment. We had some data, statistics, and charts on the most-searched terms on porn sites, split by gender. It’s interesting to see what people want to look at the most, based on cold, hard evidence, rather than hearsay. We’re just surprised “cold,” “hard,” and “hearsay” didn’t make the list. Maybe that’s just us.

It’s Wednesday, which means that we brought out the Wheel of Fantasy and spun it round and round. We added a few college-focused challenges to the wheel, and even landed on one: Sorority Paddle. It’s the second-best thing to actually getting into the house you wanted. Theta Iota Theta for life!


We took a short break and then welcomed in Carlton Gebbia, of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fame, to talk about what it’s like being the series’ first Wiccan, and what we can expect from her now that she’s not on the show anymore.

100814_02 100814_01

Lastly, we closed out the show with a Battle of the  Babes… um… battle? Carlton was nice enough to stick around and help us judge the competition in the rounds of Trampoline Trivia, and Beverly Hills Shop-walk. In the end, team bush took home the prize, which we’ll take as evidence that pubic hair is back in style. You heard it here first!


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