Thursday 10/9/14

We had a fantastic Thursday here in the Mini Mansion, so let’s toot it and boot it.

The craziness began this morning when we let Ryan have his way with the Gratuitous Nudity button, pressing it throughout the show. It’s appropriate of nothing, so it’s only appropriate that they wear nothing.

We also talked with Mr. Skin on the phone today, and he brought a good amount of celebrity nudity to us, including from the show “Penny Dreadful,” which uses the magic of ghost sex to make sure nothing gets in the way of that sweet nakedness. Boo-tiful.

After that, we welcomed in Lori-Ann Marchese and Susanna Paliotta from the Bravo series “Game of Crowns.” These Mrs. USA contestants strutted their stuff, and let us know what it takes to be a hot mom.


While they were in with us, we played a Halloween-themed game called Sweet ‘n Sour, where we heard some sour sexual stories featuring naked mishaps, and then washed the taste of them out of our mouth by watching our models eat candy off of each other. Next time, maybe we’ll do it with Chinese food.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Tommy Wirkola and Martin Starr from the film “Dead Snow 2,” and they stuck around to watch us play Nipflix! Our models re-enacted some famous scenes from horror movies and our guests had to guess. These ladies have some chops, in addition to having no tops.



100914_07 100914_08 100914_09 100914_11 100914_12

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