Monday 10/13/14

If you’re staring down a mean Monday, there’s only one way to stave off your responsibilities for a few, precious more minutes… by reading this blog!

We unwrapped the first show of the week by welcoming in our brand-new guest host, Leonard Robinson! You may recognize Leonard from “Foursome: Walk of Shame” right here on PlayboyTV, where he coined the phrase “Welcome to the Fuck House!” So basically, he’s a living legend.

We then went to the first of many of our “Yes Means Yes” tutorials, where our models Danelle and Veronica walked us through the Do’s and Do-Not-Do’s of California’s new law. College students, take note.

After that, we welcomed in Andra Fuller, one of the stars of Adult Swim’s “Black Jesus.” Andra enlightened us to the fact that many men are now getting beard weaves to fill our their faces. Is nothing sacred?


We kept Andra around for our next Yes Means Yes segment, and then we ran through our Horny History lesson with Cody teaching us about the “discovery” of America on this Columbus Day 2014. We learned a lot, mainly that Columbus was a huge dick.

101314_07 101314_08 101314_09

A short break followed, and then we welcomed in Neon Hitch, a British singer and songwriter who is starting her American tour this week. This be-sequined beauty told us about her “Gypsy” music, and the time somebody went down on her while she was singing on stage at a gay club, and we can’t really blame her for being a tad surprised.

101314_11 101314_06

She stuck around for our last game of the day: Is It a Boob?! We saw close-ups of different body parts and we had to guess whether or not it was a boob. Our models locked in their answers by grabbing their own set of boobs, making the guessing part most of the fun. It’s Breast Awareness Month and we are now both aware and aroused.

101314_12 101314_01 101314_02

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