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Tuesday 10/14/14

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We had a spooky Topless Tuesday ready to go for you this morning, so let’s split up and check it out.

We got the ball rolling today with a lively discussion about balls, which only feels appropriate.

After that, we talked about an insensitive selfie taken by Danny Green of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, where he used the hashtag #holocaust. We scrolled through Facebook and found out some of our models had been unknowingly doing the same thing. Check your backgrounds, ya’ll.

Next, we talked via Skype with Ryan McManus, inventor of The Defender, a new self-defense item for women that is part mace, part camera, and part GPS. In a moment of crisis, simplicity is king, and one button does all on this little gadget. Ryan doesn’t recommend taking photos of celebrities with it, though, and we’re inclined to agree.

In honor of the Defender, we played one of our favorite games here, Name That Alleged Perv! This perv round-up is Halloween-themed, featuring alleged pervs in costume-related crimes. Even if you have a disguise, sometimes that’s not enough.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Scream Queen Felissa Rose, whose superstar status was solidified at an early age in the film “Sleepaway Camp,” and she’s been doing it ever since, starring in over 60 horror movies to date. You should definitely check out her new film “No Solicitors,” because she knows scary movies.101414_04

Finally, we welcomed in our models to participate in a Scream Queen-off, to see if any of them have what it takes to be a horror movie starlet. The three rounds had them test their scream, their acting abilities, and their death throes to determine who’s the Scream-iest of these Queens. In the end, Felissa went with Carolyn, so if you’re looking for someone to star in your horror movie, she’s your ghoul.

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