Wednesday 10/15/14

Hola amigos! Bienvenidos al Playboy Morning Show! It’s the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month, and we’ve got four sexy Latinas here to help us celebrate!

We started things off by checking in with our hot Latina models and seeing if they had any idea that it was Hispanic Heritage Month. They did not. But neither did we before today. Maybe people get confused because Hispanic Heritage Month starts and ends in the middle of two separate months. Were all the other months taken? Get on that, Hispanic Heritage Month marketing team. But we don’t care! We’re gonna celebrate these hot ladies’ history anyway. Because no matter who you are, or where you’re from, we all can agree that hot chicks are good for humanity.

After that we talked via Skype with the ladies of Sheri’s Ranch, which is a brothel in Nevada. They’re having their annual Halloween party and it sounds like a pretty neat shindig to say the least. We also feel inclined to mention their various themed rooms and brand new Nuru massage parlour, which makes us think we want to come for the Halloween party, stay forever. And we mean that without an ounce of spookiness.

Next, we continued our celebration of Hispanic culture with a little game called Wheel of Hot! Our models came in and spun the wheel to determine what they then had to eat from our array of spicy peppers, sauces, and chips. These ladies really went to bat and showed us that they know how to turn up the heat. And in mascara, too. That’s the real impressive part.

101514_04 101514_05 101514_07 101514_08

We took a short break and then came back to welcome in singer Mila J, whose new song “My Main” featuring Ty Dolla $ign can be found on Youtube. Mila talked to us about growing up in Los Angeles (her name stands for “Made in Los Angeles”), and about the shady tactics of haters on Instagram. Gotta love those haters.

101514_02 101514_06

Finally, Mila stayed in to act as lifeline for the girls as we played Who Lati-no’s More? It’s a special Latin-themed Know It or Show It, and the girls did their best to fend off trivia questions to keep their clothes. Any clothes lost will be donated to needy people in other countries. Not really though.

101514_01 101514_03

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