Monday 10/20/14

Well, we blinked and the weekend went by. But fret not! The Playboy Morning Show is here to help you get over your hangover and on to the next one.

The show started with an introduction to our guest host for the day, the incomparable Andy Dick! We appreciate Andy waking up so early to be on our show, we know how much he likes to party. He’s basically a champion.


In honor of Mr. Dick joining us, we played a little game called Stick the Dick, where our girls selected a penis cut-out from our ample selection and tried their best to pin it onto a little poster of a Dick-less Andy. Cody got closest with her cactus dick, and regaled us of her story that she partied with Andy and bought him a couple shots. No wonder she won.

After that, we Titty Picked us some football. Tonight’s match-up between the Steelers and the Texans is going to go Pittsburgh’s way according to the incredible picking power of Andrea’s left breast. Get your bookie on the horn, because Andrea’s nipples are always a hot tip.

Since Sweetest Day was this weekend (don’t worrry, we forgot too), we played a quick round of Candy TIT-les, where our girls acted out names of candies for Andrea and Andy to guess. Andrea blasted Andy in this game about candy, proving that she’s fine and dandy. Ugh. That last sentence was too sweet for even Sweetest Day. Sorry about that.

After a quick break we returned to welcome in 4-time and current Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath! All you need is one look and you can see why he’s the best in the business, but he also shared why his choice of swimsuit color matters (coordination is a big part of presentation, everybody).

102014_01 102014_02

Since we had Phil here, we wanted to make him feel at home by having our models do some Feets of Strength. Amber, Cody, Destiny, and Heather all strutted their foot-stuff and competed in the presentation, dexterity, and speed rounds to see who’s got the best shoe-stuffers. Phil determined that Amber’s butt-bashing skills really set her apart and gave her the title. Some people’s feet weren’t just made for walkin’, it seems.


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