Tuesday 10/21/14

Welcome to a fantastic Tuesday here on Planet Earth, especially in the Mini Mansion. Contrary to popular belief, we do not operate from a secret base on the moon.

The guest host carousel isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, as we welcomed the fabulous Rich Aronovitch into the studio today. Rich told us he got a haircut for the show, but we’re more than a little bit skeptical…

Today also saw us re-introduce into the public lexicon some words that have been lost to the grim march of time, in a segment we call Ye Olde Sex Terms. The very sexy Audrey Mae gave us the definitions of words from the past and even used them in a sentence. We’re definitely going to be using “beard-splitter” on the regular.


We then welcomed in fashion designer Adam Saaks, who has gained worldwide acclaim for cutting dresses while women are wearing them! We think it’s a little unfair that he gets paid exorbitant amounts of money to do this, but when we tried we just got slapped with a subpoena. But we’ll let it slide, because he’s much better at it than we are. His creations go for hundreds of dollars a pop, and he’s willing to let us watch as he demonstrates his techniques on our model, Jacalyn.

102114_04 102114_05 102114_06 102114_07 102114_08

While he was doing that, we wanted to show everyone that it’s not just some guy cutting dresses willy-nilly, we let our models Drew and Lindsey try it out for themselves. We’d have to check in on the results later in the show…

After a short break, we came back to talk to Naomi Grossman on Skype, who is one of the breakout stars of the most popular show on TV right now: “American Horror Story: Freakshow.” She plays Pepper, and it takes her over three hours every day to get into makeup for the character (she even shaved her head!). Now that’s dedication. Be sure to check out the show Wednesdays at 10pm on FX, especially if you like a good spook.

We then let our girls show their scissoring abilities by strutting their stuff in the Cut-walk Fashion Show. For first timers, they did pretty well, but nothing compared to Adam’s skills, and he said he wasn’t even done! We thought it looked amazing, and Jacalyn’s body didn’t hurt, either.

102114_09 102114_10 102114_11

Finally, we closed the show with some Know It or Show It, and even though the girls had Adam as a lifeline, they felt confident enough in their abilities not to use him the entire time. You can guess how that worked out.

102114_02 102114_01

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