Wednesday 10/22/14

We had another great show today, with another new guest host next to Andrea! Today’s handsome gentleman is Evan Paley, who is a born and bred Angeleno, which is nice because he saved a ton on plane tickets.

The show got started when we met our new model Vy (pronounced “vee”) and had her walk us through one of her sexy stories in a segment we call Kiss-tory. While she gave us all the juicy details, Jenna and Melissa acted it out on the fly. Note to self: wash the seat in a photo booth next time you use one.

After that, we had our models stick around to play a new game called Guess the Cup Size, where we see a picture of a girl and try to guess what her cup size is. Seems pretty straight-forward, but some of these ladies were in some rather, um, compromising positions. Even with a UFO in the background, it’s hard not to stare.

We then welcomed in Miss September Stephanie Branton, who went from being a model on our show to the tip-top of the Playboy pyramid. We’re very proud of her, and we wanted to show some of what we remember as her best work: our “The Urge” trailer from back in the day. No wonder she made Playmate. As per tradition, she moved through her Playmate Pick Six, and finished as the very first Playmate to get all six correct! She must be more proud now than ever.

photo 102214_02 102214_07

We took a break and then came back to welcome the band Radical Something, who are blowing up with their take on So-Cal hip-hop/reggae/alt-rock. They are currently touring, so be sure to see when they’re nearest to you and pile you and your friends into your VW van and get totally freaky. People still talk like that right?

102214_06 102214_01

In their honor, we played a very quick round of Wheel of Fantasy: Breast Coast Edition, and the band closed out the show by performing one of their songs right here in our studio. It’s a Mini Concert in the Mini Mansion!

102214_08 102214_09 102214_10 102214_11

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