Tuesday 10/28/14

It’s all about the titties on a fine Tuesday here at the Playboy Morning Show. Let’s get to the show…

We began this morning with a little Master Debate between family members… specifically, the Howe Twins! We gave them a bunch of Halloween-themed topics of discussion and had them duke it out with their words. The only way they can fail is if they agree, and on some things they actually did. Not much of a debate, but still fun to watch.


After that, we had two of our Girls of the ACC from the October issue of Playboy live in studio with us, to go toe-to-toe in a college game for the ages: Flip Cups! It’s just like regular flip cup, but this game ends with one final bra flip for all the marbles. Brittany Ann beat Ali B, who had to make up a cheer for UNC’s Tar Heels, as part of their pre-game wager. Don’t let the folks back at Syracuse hear that.

102814_04 102814_05

Next, we talked via Skype with Bryant Terry, chef, keynote speaker, and author of the new cookbook “Afro Vegan.” For all you vegetarian and vegans out there who are craving some soul-fulness in your food, this is definitely the book for you. How often can you feel responsible AND stuff your face at the same time? The closest we get is eating in line to vote.

We took a short break and then came back with all of our girls shaking their booties for candy in a segment called Dancing for Treats. Apparently that’s what folks used to do before the invention of Trick-or-Treating and we decided to do a modern take on the lost custom. We kept it real old school for the prize, though, using candy corn to reward the best dancer, and as everyone knows all the candy corn in existence was made in 1909.


Finally we held a little obstacle course in honor of the wife-carrying competition that takes place across the pond. Our models lined up with a surrogate wife (see: blow-up doll), and did their best to maneuver through the course in the best time. Carla Howe shocked the world by coming out on top, with the help of some shady tricycle-riding, and walked away with the ceremonial lube.

102814_07 102814_08 102814_01 102814_02

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