Wednesday 10/29/14

It’s the Playboy Morning Show: a land of magic, mystery, and boobs! (Magic and mystery may be boob-related)

We got things rolling this morning by checking out some new statements made by the pope in order to appear more forward-thinking. We applaud his open-mindedness, and gave out some of his lesser-known statements, like what God really think about people who spoil “Game of Thrones.” (Hint: it’s not good).

Next, we checked in with our neglected Hidden Ass Twitter account, and found some Hidden Ass that’s been piling up all around our studio. We’re like that show “Hoarders,” but instead of dead cats, we keep finding random butts.

After our search for tail, we went out to our woman-on-the-street for some Nipple News. In a recent discovery, an old notebook in Antarctica was discovered (true!) and we had some excerpts to read for your (not as true!). Carly reported the findings to us, as we got a look into the past and realized… Antarctica fucking sucks. Never go there.


As it is Wednesday, we brought out the Wheel of Fantasy, with a nightmare-ish twist just in time for Halloween. We witnessed such horrors as a Vampire Kiss session, a Monster Mash Make-Out, and some twerking zombies. It’s enough to make you petrified… in your pants.

102914_05 102914_06

We took a short break and then came back to welcome in our guest for the day, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Jon Secada! Jon’s had a successful solo career, and worked with such stars as J-Lo, Shakira, and Ricky Martin as a producer. His book “A New Day” is available now, and you should definitely check it out.

102914_02 102914_01

Since we had Jon with us, we wanted to see if he knew his songs as well as his fans, with a game we call Your Song Tit-les. Our models teamed up to try and act out Jon’s titles while he guessed, and I think he was more than a little distracted by their nudity, but he still did a great job. We forget that not everybody is around naked women all day. What a shame.

102914_07 102914_08 102914_09

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