Thursday 10/30/14

Happy Halloween! We had a spook-tastic Playboy Morning Show for the ages, so get ready to howl at the moons…

We took some calls at the top of the show, and they seemed to be a little strange today. Well, stranger than usual. Aside from hearing from some obvious pranksters, we also got a call straight from Hell itself… that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the Devil is real and he watches the Playboy Morning Show. We’re… not all that surprised, really. But he says he’s lonely and wants one of our girls, so we tried to determine who was the most innocent in a game called…

Good to Be Bad! We heard some naughty stories from our ladies and determined that Dani was the most innocent. But rather than give up a fine young lady to the Prince of Darkness himself, we had her hide from him. Just because she’s got a hot body doesn’t mean she wants to spend eternity in hell.

After that, we welcomed in Oliver Robins, star of the Spielberg film “Poltergeist.” Oliver talked about his experience working on one of the quintessential horror movies of all time, and about his new project “29,000 Wishes. 1 Regret,” which is a film about a couple who plan to max out their credit cards and then kill themselves. And you thought the recession hit you hard.

We were rudely interrupted by the Devil once again on our phone lines, claiming he did not receive his girl, and saying he wanted a new one. That Devil sure is one greedy bastard. Our girls came back in to see who knew the least about the Devil, in a trivia game called What the Devil?. Veronica was the first to get completely naked, and was told by our hosts to hide once again, and avoid the Devil’s grasp.

Next, we welcomed in Tuesday Knight, star of “Nightmare on Elm Street 4,” the Freddy Kreuger film which she also sang the theme song for. She told us what it takes to make a scream, and how scary it actually is on set. It really depends on who the director is. BA-ZING!

This time the Devil wasn’t messing around, when he took physical form and joined us in the studio, right before he cut us out to break…

When we came back, our girls were in a state of possession, writhing together uncontrollably on the bed. At least, we think they were possessed. That’s actually how they normally act.

To get a professional opinion, we welcomed in Sean Whalen, from the film “The People Under the Stairs,” who recently played a murderous priest. He talked to us about his horror movie past, and also his Michael Bay-directed “Got Milk?” commercial that kick-started the entire campaign. He was nice enough to don a priest outfit, and with the help of Oliver and Tuesday (dressed as monks), he completed a Sexorcism on our girls, bringing them back to normal.

Finally, we wrapped it up with a dance party, because why not? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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