Tuesday 11/4/14

It’s Election Day all across America, from sea to shining local polling location. Remember to get out and vote, it’s what our forebears fought for. Well, that, and any excuse to get out of those garish red coats the British were always wearing.


We started the show off today with a look at some of the data Facebook has been collecting about you, claiming that they can predict when you’re going to fall in love. Didn’t know they were doing that? Outraged? Well, you’ll be even more outraged when you see the new graphs we’ve uncovered… I think this is how that Terminator movie started…

Anyway! We shrugged all that off and continued on with our celebration of “Mo-Vember,” promoting Men’s Health and Awareness by growing gross mustaches! We decided to do our own sexy twist on it, by having our models Tiana, Nasia, and Laruen try to Pin the Muffstache on a very naked Dani G. Ladies, if you can do your part and grow out your muff-stache for men’s health, then you da real MVP.

110414_04 110414_05110414_08110414_09110414_10110414_11

Next, we rolled through some of the voting that’s going on today by doing some Erection Day Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em. Unfortunately we only had time to run through a few before we had to call it quits. You’ll just have to decide on your local government officials on your own. Ain’t America swell?

To further illustrate our patriotism on this deciding day for America, we had our girls re-speak some famous presidential speeches, only after they had a healthy helping of jalepeno pepper. We haven’t seen a presidential speech this sweaty since Nixon. Hi-oh!!

110414_12 110414_13

We took a short break and then welcomed in our guest Quinton Aaron, who you might recognize from “The Blind Side,” as he’s hard to miss. Quinton came in today to promote Censorgram, his new anti-bullying app that he’s helping to develop, proving that he’s a big guy with a big heart. We used his anti-bullying expertise to help us mediate a made-up scenario between our models in a segment called When Puss Comes to Shove.

Finally, we re-clothed all of our ladies in order to have them immediately strip down in the world’s longest-running naked game show, Know It or Show It! The ladies did their best to stay clothed, but the show ended with a naked dance party and giant Quinton dog-pile on the couch. Big guys are snuggle magnets, it seems.

110414_14 110414_01 110414_02

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