Wednesday 11/5/14

Down and Up and Down again, it’s gotta be Hump Day. Let’s check out the show…


First things first, we talked about Chelsea Handler’s topless, Putin-parodying selfie that Instagram took down. Shame on them! We parodied some famous photos from history using our own naked models, making sure that nobody can take them down. Fight the power! Oh, by the way, follow us on instagram at @pb_morningshow.

After that, we debuted our “Cosmos”-style video, lovingly called The Assmos. Who knew that learning about constellations could be so sexy? We never connected those dots.

In honor of our video (which will hopefully be up on Youtube soon), we played a totally spaced out version of Chicktionary, featuring words having to do with outer space. It’s crazy that we played this game even though we didn’t planet…

We took a short break and then welcomed in chef Ben Ford, who we featured in the magazine back in September. If you weren’t hungry before this interview, you definitely were after. Seriously, I’m getting barbecue sauce like, all over my keyboard right now. He was even enough of a stand up guy to repeat one of his dad’s famous lines for us, which we really hoped he would. We love “Air Force One.”

While Ben was in the studio, we had our girls come in and ask him some cooking questions while trying to distract him with their nudity in a segment called Ben Ford’s Five. Cooking naked can be a safety hazard, but Ben’s got your back. And your front.

Finally, it’s Wednesday, so we dusted off the ol’ Wheel of Fantasy and spun it to see where it landed, and make some lucky callers’ dreams come true. Today’s Wheel was money-themed because of yesterday’s primary elections. Money makes America go ’round (based on how much candidates spent on campaigning), and it also spun our wheel. Cha-ching.110514_06

110514_02 110514_01

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