Thursday 11/6/14

Welcome to Thursday. The year is getting closer and closer to being over, and we’re still going strong. Take that, year!

Our lovely little show got going this morning when we talked on the phone with Mr. Skin. Skin gave us a double-dose of his patented brand of celebrity nudity news (and puns), as he was not with us last week. We’re not complaining, and I don’t think any of you are either.

After that, we brought our girls in for a Hot Girl Focus Group on Anal Sex. Now, the reason we’re doing this comes from none other than Harvard University, which is running a sex ed week, with one of the classes being titled “What What In the Butt.” We assume it’s 101. Anyway, we asked our girls about their anal sex experience, and they really ran the gamut from never doing it to enjoying it a lot. The important thing is to experiment and try new things, and always have a safety word (we like Andrea’s: “parallelogram”).


We kept our ladies in the studio to “bare” witness as Andrea and Steve had a battle of penis-drawing skills, otherwise known as a Dick Off! Andrea drew first, making hers quiet large, while Steve kept his on the smaller side. The ladies all sided with Andrea, and it just goes to show how important it is to know  your audience.


We took a short break and then got one of our super-fans, Tim from Maine on the phone. Tim loves to call in during Wheel of Fantasy asking for some spanking action, and today his dreams came true. Our wheel was tricked out with all “Spanking” options, and he finally watched his dreams come true. That’s the magic of the Morning Show.


Next, we welcomed in Frank Sheftel, owner and operator of “The Candy Factory,” the candy-maker to the stars. They’ve even been sued by the Academy Awards, they’re that popular! Frank talked to us about growing up as a real life kid in a candy store, and then we brought in our ladies to help us make a Human Candy Bar. Veronica laid down on the table and Lisa, Sarah, and Tawny dribbled, dripped, and dipped, making our very own Playboy Model Candy Bar. This is one chocolate bunny you don’t want to bite the head off of.

110614_07 110614_01 110614_02 110614_03

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