Monday 11/10/14

It’s another Monday morning here at your one-stop-shop for all things Playboy: The Playboy Morning Show. It’s pretty aptly named, wouldn’t you say so?

We started the show today by welcoming back Rich Aronovitch as our guest host for the week. Anybody with a name that rhymes is all right in our book.

After giving Rich a warm homecoming, we moved on to our Fe-Mail, where we read mail from loyal viewers like you, which seems like the right thing to do after you all have spent so much on postage just to get those letters into our box. Cody helped us move through our letters, and we even had a special underwear update, featuring all of our lovely ladies. Sometimes it’s nice to know what’s going to be taken off, so that you can properly say goodbye.

111014_05 111014_03

Next, we checked out how Andrea did last week in her Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em titty picks, and she stayed true to form, getting 2 out of 3. Tonight her boobs like the Eagles over the Panthers, and we say bet the farm. Momma needs a brand new pair o’ farms.

Following that, we celebrated Missouri’s recent step forward for Gay Marriage by playing a special “Show Me” version of Lesbian Chicken, in honor of the Show-Me State’s progressive ways. If more voters watched a Lesbian Chicken throw-down, we think the rest of the states would come around pretty quickly.


It’s deep into Muff-vember here on the Playboy Morning Show, and today we had a little muff-themed art project for our ladies, who came in to cut, tape, and googly-eye their own muffs. Limited only by their imaginations (and time), the ladies showed us some rather exotic pubic hair styles, and I think we understand why this trend is coming back in full.


We then welcomed in Kristen Doute and James Kennedy from the Bravo show “Vanderpump Rules,” which just began its third season. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know it’s tough, but imagine doing it with a camera crew following you around. It also doesn’t help when everyone at the restaurant has slept with each other, but, I mean look at these people, wouldn’t you?


Since Kristen and James are super experienced in the ways of food service, we had our girls try out for them, to see who had the best server skills. After taking an order, dancing for tips, and weaving through our patented obstacle course, we determined that Rachel was queen of them all, taking home the wad of cash. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

111014_08 111014_09 111014_10111014_01

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