Tuesday 11/11/14

Well, it’s Tuesday. We’re gonna go ahead and suggest that you buy as many googly-eyes as you can and put them on things all over your place of employment. It really livens up the place. Trust us.

We got things going this morning with a little report on the upcoming forecast in a segment we’re calling Weather or Not?. We had our very own “Windy Cindy” give us the low-down on Polar Vortex 2.0 that’s currently taking the Midwest and Northeast by storm. Literally. Then, just to rub it in, we showed California’s three-day forecast. It’s not fair, is it?

111114_04 111114_07

After that, we welcomed in Miss November Gia Marie, the natural redhead and 60’s-style spread in the latest issue of our magazine. Gia talked with us about her budding relationship (bummer, right?) and about her recent trip to the Mansion for Halloween.

While Gia was in with us, we wanted to test her Playmate skills, so we ran her through our Playmate Pick Six, with the help of Amber and little pieces of paper with mustaches on the, in honor of Mo-vember. She played well, earning a perfect six-for-six, and placing her in the pantheon of pristine Playmates for all of time. Talk about hallowed halls.


We took a short break and then honored those who have served our country (it is Veteran’s Day, after all) the only way we know how… with titties! We ran our girls through a Bootie Camp training session, and we’ve never wanted to be a drill sergeant more. We’d drop and give them 20.

Then we brought in Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson from the new film “The Mule,” which you should definitely check out on iTunes. These guys brought their love of all things horror (they’ve done things like “Insidious” and “Saw” that you may have heard of), and a twisted sense of humor to really bring this story to life. Just, maybe make sure you go to the bathroom before you watch it.

Finally, we closed out the show with the world’s longest-running naked game show, Know It or Show It! Our girls came in and gave it their all to answer questions about drugs, animals, and saws (oh my!), but they were no match for our potent questions and had to strip. Long live the game of kings.

111114_09 111114_10 111114_01 111114_06

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