Wednesday 11/12/14

Plant your feet firmly in the middle of this week and straddle past and future: one weekend looms on the horizon, while another, slowly fades from memory… Whoa. Sorry about that. That’s the last time we eat old Halloween candy from strangers.

Anyway, the first thing we did on the Playboy Morning Show today was literally watch paint dry. No joke. We really CAN make anything interesting. But we can’t take all the credit, what with Lisa’s glorious body acting as our painting surface. Remember, when painting a hot chick: primer and lacquer.

After that, we celebrated Comedy Central allowing the word “pussy” to air on its channel now. Good for them, we’ve been saying it for years (but who’s counting?). Since they no longer have to use euphemisms to describe lady bits, we wanted to see how many words we could come up with, in a game we’re callling Sin-onyms. Our girls battled back and forth in a game that would make a Thesaurus proud, removing clothes every time their linguistic trains ran out of track. We actually learned a few new words today!

Next, we welcomed in David Walton, star of NBC’s “About a Boy,” which is currently in its second season. David talked about working on a show that’s made it past 13 episodes (congrats to him!), and about how his article in the latest issue of Playboy prompted his mom to buy all the copies at a local store. Somewhere, a store’s shelves are out of Playboy, and a dove is crying. Probably.

After a break, we came back to welcome in Ian Halvie, star of the new Amazon Prime show “Transparent,” and also the first (to our knowledge) trans guest we’ve had on the show. Ian is FTM (female to male, or “a dude with a vag” as he says), and can grow a beard better than most. We won’t lie and say we’re not jealous. He talked about his show and how he thinks that trans people finally have an accurate representation of them in media.

While he was in, we played a quick round of Two Tits and a Lie, wherein our girls came out with their boobs out and had to tell two truths and then one lie. After a round of guessing, they each revealed their lies (and their lying abilities), making us wonder if we can trust any of them after this point…

Finally, it’s Wednesday, and that means we took the Wheel of Fantasy out, dusted it off, and gave it a few spins, all for the viewing pleasure of people at home. You’re welcome.

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