Monday 11/17/14

Welcome to a fresh week here in the Mini Mansion. We’ve got just the thing to whet your appetite as we wait for Thanksgiving to get here: some breasts and thighs of our own.

We began the show with a whole new guest host, Dan Cummins. He’s got a name that’s built for our show, and we welcome him with open arms.


Things got a little thankful early on, as we sent in Veronica for the first of our Giving Thanks segments. We don’t really remember what she was thankful for, but we know we appreciate her tassels and we’re grateful she wore them today.

After that, we brought out some items from the upcoming Marilyn Monroe auction that we got our hands on early. Things like a jar of Marilyn’s breath, a bug she squashed, and even a doorknob she used. If you have millions of dollars burning a hole in your gold-lined pocket, give us a call. We need the scratch.

111714_05 111714_08

In honor of one of history’s great beauties, we played a Marilyn-themed Fandemonium, with our girls answering trivia about the famous blonde bombshell and even recreating her famous dress-blowing incident if they got it wrong. It’s our skirts up salute!

111714_09 111714_06

Cody came in to continue our Giving Thanks, this time bringing up her toys (and anal beads!). Maybe don’t bring up this one at your family’s dinner table.

We took a short break and then came back to do a Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em re-cap. Andrea didn’t do so hot, going 2/5 and she shamed her boobs accordingly. It’s not something we enjoyed watching. Hopefully she does better tonight, as she picked the Steelers to top the Titans on Monday Night Football. We shudder to think what the discipline could be if her boob is wrong again…

We then welcomed in Jamie Kaler, host of the new American Heroes Channel show “America: Facts vs. Fiction.” Jamie told us about his work on the show (he informed us that he does indeed appear on camera), and he and Dan went off the euphemism deep end right before our eyes. It was something to behold.


Our ladies came in to play a quick round of Rack vs. Fiction, where they would have to flash their right boobs if they thought a story was false, and their left ones if they thought it was true. We’ve never wanted half-truths more in our lives.

Finally, in our last Giving Thanks, we turned to Dan, who thanked his balls for all the joy they have given him over the years. He said goodbye this weekend to his old friends (he got a vasectomy), and we paid a touching tribute as our girls waved goodbye. Ball voyage!

111714_03 111714_01

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