Tuesday 11/18/14

Don’t get down about that chill in the air, it’s what keeps our nipples nice and hard!

We started the show off this morning with another Giving Thanks moment, this time with Lisa showing her gratefullness for her full breasts. As somebody who had their bust enhanced, she can truly be thankful, because she’s knows what it’s like to live without.

Next, we looked through Bono’s bag that recently fell out of his airplane. That’s right, we have it, and don’t believe anybody who tells ya different, ya hear? One thing is abundantly clear: that guy sure loves himeself.

Following the bag examination, we played a fun little game called Dan Cummins Inside of You, in honor of our host Dan Cummins. It only took us two days to utilize his name, and frankly we’re surprised it lasted this long. Anyway, our ladies came in and were tested on whether or not they’ve done the same sexual things he has. Don’t let the beard fool you, Dan and these gals are more similar than you’d think.

111814_01 111814_05 111814_06 111814_07

We had anther Giving Thanks before we went to break, this time featuring Destiny talking about her skinny cat or something. Or maybe it was tight pussy. Either way, that’s a strange thing to be thankful for, but to each their own. On an unrelated note, I don’t understand euphemisms.

We came back from break to honor that most sacred of Thanksgiving traditions: hand turkeys. In a segment called Spanksgiving, our girls slapped some ass and did some art, making their creations come to life. That’s one turkey that’ll make you wanna jerky. (I’m so sorry).

Then, we welcomed in Zane Lamprey, from the new NatGeo show “Chug,” where he gets to travel the world and try different exotic alcoholic drinks. Sounds like we have a contender for “Who’s Got the Best Job?”, against us here at the Playboy Morning Show. Maybe we should join forces…

111814_09 111814_02

Finally, Zane stepped out and we played a game in his honor called Chugs and Juggs, where one girl is blindfolded and is fed drinks by a girl acting as her arms. These drinks are from all over the world, so it’s like around the world in 5 pints. Bottoms up!

111814_12 111814_13

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