Wednesday 11/19/14

It’s Wednesdsay, a.k.a. the ass-crack of the week, splitting it between two cushy weekends, and we had a great show to help you separate…

We started things off today with a little Horny History lesson, in honor of Thanksgiving, which is right around the corner. Our hot teacher Mrs. Lipps came in to give us the real-deal talk about how the first Thanksgiving went down. As with most historical holidays, you should take this story with a grain of salt (or more, it is Thanksgiving after all).

111914_05 111914_06 111914_07 111914_08 111914_09 111914_10

We continued to Give Thanks here at the Morning Show, today hearing from both Andrea and hot model Carly Lucy, who were thankful for things like: the invention of the thong, Asian men, and Carly’s firm, natural breasts. Amen!

After that, we mourned the loss of the creator of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, and honored him with our own Choose Your Own Ass-venture, which saw Ashley leading Juliet and Bobbi Dean on a mythical quest to reclaim their gold. They may have lost their clothes along the way, but they gained our admiration. They can clothe themselves in that.

111914_11 111914_12 111914_13

After a short break, we played a traditional Thanksgiving game here at the Playboy Morning Show, Turkey or Jerky! We saw an uber-closeup and we had to guess whether it was a hot girl or a turkey. On a related note, we’d like to remind everyone to always wear protection when handling raw meat.

Then we welcomed in our guest for the day, Youtube sensation and rapper extraordinaire Timothy DeLaGhetto. Timothy gave out some secrets to being a Youtube star, what it’s like to travel and talk on panels, and even took a video of his own. Check out his channel and see if you see any familiar faces.

Finally, we spun around our Wheel of Fantasy, Thanksgiving edition, and saw things like Horn on the Cob, Rack Friday, and a Twerk-ey. Gobble gobble, ya’ll.

111914_14 111914_15111914_02111914_01

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