Monday 12/1/14

Happy December, Playboy Morning Show Friends! Crazy to think that the year is already winding down. Seems like just yesterday we were getting drunk to ring in 2014. I mean, we WERE getting drunk yesterday, but for different reasons…

120114_02 120114_03

Anyway, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We wanted to share our leftovers with you, so we re-did some of our favorite Gobble Games from before we left for our break. Some things are just better re-heated.

120114_04 120114_05

After that, we talked to new girl Kristin, and got to know her a little bit better (tattoos and piercings only go so far, you know). In order to really get inside her, um, shoes, we had her tell a story from her life while our other model friends reenacted it. It’s called Kisstory and it features all the nudes that’s fit to print.


It is Cyber Monday today, the day where everyone pretends the internet is for shopping, instead of porn. We met you shopaholics halfway in our Cyber Monday Sexy Skype Scavenger Hunt, featuring Texas rose Alissa Arden! Alissa showed us why she’s Cyber Girl of the Month, and made a pretty good case for why she should be crowned Cyber Girl of the Year. Although we’re suckers for anything said upside-down.

We took short break, but brought it right back with the first of our Playboy Morning Show Ass-vent Calendar: 12 little door-thingys, infinite amounts of mystery. Today, we opened number one, under which we found a nice little note telling us it’s time to decorate the studio! We had our girls spread some holiday cheer around the room, and deck our halls with their bras of jolly. To cap it all off, we ceremoniously lit the tree, and it is now officially Christmas time here in the Mini Mansion. We just hope we don’t get coal again.

120114_07 120114_08 120114_09 120114_10

It is Monday, and that means Monday Night Football. Tonight, Jets over Dolphins, according to Andrea’s boobs, who are taking the road less traveled. Watch the game and let us know if she called the upset.

Finally, a brand new game was unveiled today, and it’s called I Won’t Say. It’s like Telephone mixed with Charades and with topless ladies, it’s all kinds of fun to watch. Our girls were pretty good at it, too, which only strengthens our theory that chicks can read minds.


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