Tuesday 12/2/14

Well, well, well… What have we here? Oh. It’s just the Playboy Morning Show. Carry on.

This crazy lil’ show got going this morning with a lengthy discussion about beards with our guest host for the week, the fabulously-bearded Dan Cummins. They’re all the rage from CEO’s to the lowliest hipster trust fund baby, which makes it officially a trend. It’s nice when men can turn their laziness into a style, like just-getting-out-of-bed hair and smelling-like-a-car.

After that, we checked out some road signs that are apparently pretty easy to hack into, resulting in hilarious and juvenile messages for all drivers on the road to see. It really livens up sitting in one lane of traffic for four hours.

Next, we opened another door on our gigantic Ass-vent Calendar, today revealing a snowy surprise… Yes, we decorated the lovely Mariela as a snow-girl, and we have to say, if googly eyes don’t catch on this year, we will be shocked.

After that, we welcomed in Nikki Lund, whose new song “This Is It” is out now. Nikki talked about dating Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, and officially announced… that he has a nice dick. You heard it here first, folks! While Nikki was with us, we played a game in her honor called “This Is Tit?” where we see a zoomed-in picture and have to guess whether or not it is a tit. Nikki was very good at this game, hopefully, she’ll be adding “boob expert” to her resume.

120214_03 120214_02

We took a break and came back to welcome in Mo Mandel, host of the new TruTV show “Barmageddon,” which is like ‘Wife Swap,’ but for bars. Now if only they can make a Bar/Wife Swap show, we’ll really be golden. Mo talked about the show, and what it’s like to be the center of attention, drink for free, and travel around the country meeting different hot chicks. Some guys have it all.

120214_04 120214_01

Finally, we wrapped up our show with a beer-themed Know It or Show It, where our ladies wore beer cans, bottles, and glasses in lieu of lingerie. No need for beer goggles here.

120214_05 120214_06 120214_07 120214_08

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