Thursday 12/4/14

Hello there! It’s a fine, frosty Thursday here in the Mini Mansion, so you may have to get out your scraper this morning…

We began things by showing off your winning captions for our Christmas Cartoon. Andrea even got hers in there! We also had our models come in and try their hand at it, right off the tops of their heads. They were surprisingly good at it, proving once again that comic writers are actually a bunch of hot chicks. We knew it!

Next, we talked to Mr. Skin, who had his top 10 best nude scenes of the year all ready for us. Christmas came a little early here, as we checked out some of the all-year best naked scenes on everything from “True Detective” to “Game of Thrones.” Gotta love HBO, man.

After that, it was time for one of our favorite games, Lesbian Chicken: Baseball edition! In honor of the umpire who just came out of the closet, our girls took swings at each other as they tried to round the bases while the other girl guarded her plate. They’re OUT (of the closet).

We took a short break and then came back to open another sexy door on our Ass-vent Calendar! Number 4 had in store for us some Snow Angels. We watched our girls take to the floor and spread wide… before coming back in. That’s just a description of making a snow angel, but it’s still hot as hell. Damn. Never realized that before.

120414_04 120414_09 120414_10

We welcomed in Frenchy Morgan, who took her own time in our snow pile before joining us on the couch. She’s a reality star with a new song entitled “I Want To Get Naked,” that she wrote herself! We love her spunk and pink outfit, but we wanted to test how naked she really wanted to get. So, we played a game (appropriately) called I Want to Get Naked, where our girls came in dressed as various French stereotypes to say whether they had done something. They got naked pretty quick, along with Frenchy, Dan, and Andrea! Frenchy’s infectious personality bubbled over into everyone today, making everyone say “I Want to Get Naked.” Let’s spread this message to the world.

120414_13 120414_07 120414_01 120414_02 120414_03 120414_06

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