Wednesday 12/10/14

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, where every Wednesday is a Men-nes-day… Right?

Well, either way, we started things off by checking Lucky Number 7 on our Ass-vent Calendar. You’ll feel super lucky if you like hot Santas taking it all off. I’m sure there’s at least one or two of you out there.

121014_05 121014_06

After that, we ran through some of Ryan’s Screamin’ Memes, featuring actual words screamed at Ryan from his various girlfriends over the years, over some nice pictures of nature. The contrast is striking, the words are biting, and your girlfriend is hopefully not striking or biting. Unless you’re into that… But more on that later.

Next, we welcomed in DJ Prostyle, who’s holding it down on two different radio stations (in New York and Florida) and also DJ’s bi-weekly on Good Morning America. Check out his new track “Debut” on Youtube, or even better at the next iHeartRadio festival. We kept him around to help us spin our Wheel of Fantasy, Clerb Edition. (For those of you who don’t know, “clerb” is a slang word for club. It helps if you’ve had copious amounts of alcohol.) We saw some girls get into a catfight, and get patted down by our vibrating metal detector. You’ve got front row seats and you don’t even have to pay 10 grand for bottle service. You the real VIP.


We took a break. Then we came back to welcome in dominatrix and fitness instructor Snow Mercy and her submissive servant Mary. Tim from Maine got his spanking fix for the day and then we brought in our ladies to get their own personal training session from this Mormon-turned-Mistress. We can’t tell if this would give us more or less motivation to work out… but we like it.

121014_07 121014_08 121014_02 121014_03

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