Thursday 12/11/14

Well, folks, we got another fantastic Playboy Morning Show on the ready for you, check it out!

We started the show today by going through yet another Ass-vent Calendar reading, today revealing some Stocking Stuffers. Our models came in and dropped some gifts in their stockings while they were still in them, and ran across the room to ring the Mall Santa bell. They made quite a run in those seasonal stockings.

After that, we received a call from Dr. Norman Rowe, creator of the “Insta-Breast” procedure, otherwise known as the 24-hour boob job. If you want to feel like Cinderella with your own pair of pumpkin carriages for only a day, this is the non-invasive procedure for you. I’m saline awayyy…

In his honor, we played a new game on the Morning Show called BattleNips! It’s a lot like your favorite childhood game that we can’t legally mention, but it involves sinking BattleNips, pasted on a naked girl. Two seem like gimmies, but looks can be deceiving.

121114_14 121114_15 121114_16

We took a quick break and then looked at a little 2014 Playmate Recap. Help Hef decide who should be next year’s Playmate of the Year. With 12 girls like these, we don’t envy his position. Oh wait. Yes we do. We do very much.

Then, we welcomed in rapper/singer/songwriter/dancer extraordinaire TeeFlii, whose debutĀ album “Starr” comes out early next year. TeeFlii talked about who he’s worked with, who he still wants to work with, and some of his greatest inspirations. Did we mention he plays the drums, piano, and organ? Some people have all the talent.


Finally, we wanted our models to test some of their rapping skills while getting done from behind in a game called Doggy Freestyle. Sherra was our designated humper/beatmaster and Drew, Toryn, and Juliet gave their best phat rhymes. Watch out world, our brand-new model rappers Shy, 2ThaPoint, and Big Toy are hittin’ the streets.

121114_01 121114_08 121114_13

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