Monday 12/15/14

It’s the last week of shows here in the Mini Mansion before our Christmas/New Year/Hannukah break! So drink it in before we hibernate for two weeks. It’ll be a long fortnight without our hot bodies to warm you up.

We started the show today by welcoming back guest host Steve Greene, a man who hates the Matrix sequels enough to bring them up over a decade after they came out, just to drag them through the mud again. There’s no expiration date on rage.

After that, we brought in our girls to try and paint another girl’s sweet visage… using only their boobs. They may not be the next Picasso or Rembrandt, but they’ve definitely got nicer racks than either of those dudes.

We then talked via Skype with the fabulous Elizabeth Ostrander, who you may recognize from the cover and centerfold of December’s ice-inspired Playboy Magazine. This all-natural redhead spends most of her time on a boat, so we’re lucky that she was on shore leave long enough to get some internet. Otherwise we’d have to communicate via boat horns. Elizabeth got some help from Jenna and Amber for her Playmate Pick Six, which she got 6 out of 6 correct. She’s the first to ever do that, and if you think we’re wrong, we don’t wanna hear it.

After a short break, we wanted to see who made the Naughty or Nice list this year, and dole out cupcakes or spankings based on their answers. It’s a classic twist on the ol’ presents or coal. We also got a sneak preview of our next guest when he came out to show his mangina…

121514_02 121514_03 121514_04 121514_05

That’s right! Eric Andre, comedian and host of “The Eric Andre Show” is in the studio, laying down every which way and talking about what it’s like to mess with celebrities and wreck shit. It’s the craziest talk show we’ve ever seen, and we work on a talk show with a bunch of naked people. So that’s really saying something.

Finally, we brought our girls in to show of their Impressing Impressions, since Eric has a lot of (bad) celebrity impressions on his show. We saw our girls take on the vocal qualities of famous folk and we tried to guess who they were. Fuh-git about it.

121514_07 121514_08

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