Tuesday 12/16/14

Welcome to a whole ‘nuther Playboy Morning Show, right here in the Mini Mansion. Get ’em while they’re hot.

We began the show today with some light Menorah or Majora, a festive holiday tradition from our family to yours. We saw some close-up shots and had to guess whether they were for Hanukkah or Hot-nukah. Both look real good oiled up though.

After that, we kept the Hanukkah train rolling with some Horny History. For those of you who don’t know the story of Hanukkah, I’m sure you were pleased to learn something new. For those of you who DID know the story, I’m sure you were just as pleased to learn something in a new way. Nothing spells tradition like naked ladies.

Next, we saw if our own oil could last for 8 Crazy Boobs. We only had enough oil for one girl, but it made its way down the line to all four! It’s the sexiest Hanukkah miracle ever.

121614_04 121614_05 121614_06 121614_07

We took a short break and then lead our girls make some Macca-bead-kinis out of some already-made bikinis and blue and white beats. This one Israeli sexy.

Then it was time to open another Ass-vent Calendar date. We’re on our 10th day of Christmas here in the Mini Mansion, and it just wouldn’t feel like the season without a little Mistletoe/Camel Toe. Mariela showed off both as Jaclyn and Ruby kissed under it. Talk about low-hanging fruit.

Finally, we got to the Battle of the Babes to close out the show. On one side, Team Christmas, on the other, Team Hanukkah. After a tree-decorating showdown, a quick round of strip dreidel, and a some trampoline trivia, team Hanukkah stole the day. They’re set to celebrate just today, but the party could last 8 for all we know.

121614_11 121614_12 121614_13 121614_14 121614_15

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