Wednesday 12/17/14

Welcome to another fun-filled hour of adventure here in the Mini Mansion… it’s like an amusement park filled with muses.

We started the show off by checking out our second-to-last door in our Ass-vent Calendar. Today’s special surprise came in the form of a Candy Cane Pole Dance, wherein Lisa and Bobbi Dean showed us how to turn any pole into a spun treat… by spinning on it!

After that, we talked via Skype with John and Rasheed, Hosts of Jam FM in Berlin, Germany. They recently got breast implants for a day in order to experience one glorious 24-hour period with their own pair of boobs. We heard about the procedure a few days ago from the doctor who invented it, but we never expected it to go this far. CURSE YOU, SCIENCE!

To be honest, the guys didn’t go quite as far with things as we would have, so to remedy that, we had our models come in and show us what they could do with their boobs in a segment called Yes We Cans. We learned that they can be used as weather devices, instruments, and even wifi hotspots. We really need to get our hands on a biology book, because this is all news to us. Damn public schools.

121714_02 121714_03 121714_04 121714_05

We took a short break and then came back to play some Truth or Bare, where we read a story and each of our models has to pretend that it was theirs. If there’s one thing that makes us trust women less, it’s watching them be really good at this game.

121714_08 121714_09

Next, it was time for a Christmas Song Tit-les, where our models came in and gave silent clues to Andrea and Steve in order to get them to guess the titles of some of your favorite holiday classics. Andrea and Steve even put a bet that the lose would have to motor boat the winner’s face. This may be the first time we’re glad Andrea lost the game.


Finally, our Wheel of Fantasy was a special “Best Of 2014” edition, with all of your favorites from past wheels ready to be picked again. Miss “executive spanking” or “prisoner cavity search”? Then this is the wheel for you!

121714_11 121714_12

Only one more show before 2015, so don’t miss out tomorrow!


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