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Thursday 1/29/15

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Well, folks. The day has finally come… It’s the Playboy Morning Show Boobie Bowl! No more tailgating, no more scalping for the cheap seats, no getting up to pee until halftime… it’s here.

We kicked off (see what I did there?) the show today by introducing our two teams: the Patri-tits and the Sea-Cups. Ali and Mariela were painted in the Patri-tits red and blue, while Lauryn and Drew received the Sea-cups trademark green and blue paint. Painted on clothing makes holding calls a lot more fun.

No sporting event in America can begin without the singing of our National Anthem. To take us into the gladiatorial match soon ┬áto begin, we welcomed in Kitty Davis, resident topless opera singer and good friend of the show. Kitty belted out as images of our country’s great majesty dissolved across the screen, the least of which was not the hot girls born and bred here. It’s one of the things America is most proud of, after all.

After the coin toss, the game of Two-Tit Touch began! The only way to stop the play is by placing both hands on the breasts of the girl with the ball, which is like two-hand touch, but actually harder when you think about it.

012915_11 012915_12

From there, we cut to a commercial from the sponsor of our Boobie Bowl Halftime Show, Tom Brady’s Balls. Apparently Tom Brady is an old man who owns a ball emporium/warehouse for all your ball needs. And they’ll fill it up, free o’ charge! Honestly, we’re not sure who that man is, but we’re 85% sure he’s not the real Tom Brady.

We came back to play a game called Sign Language with our models Carolyn and Bobbie Dean painting Reyna’s body on both sides to practice their game-day sign-making. A good sign could lead to TV airtime, which could lead to a modeling deal, which could lead to millions of dollars, while a bad sign is only good for internet ridicule (which, arguably could lead to a modeling contract, which could lead to millions of dollars… it’s a strange time we live in).

The second quarter of our Two-Tit Touch was brought to us by our sideline reporters David and Erika, and it was even more exciting than the first, with both teams trading blows back and forth. No, not that kind of blows. Sorry to mislead you like that.

012915_10 012915_06

Halftime rolled in and our performer this year is none other than the bare-footed, crystal-lovin’, violin virtuoso Jimmy Be Free. With a legal name like that, you know he’s gotta be good, and he didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t your typical, Top-40, lowest-common-denominator pop music fare, and we loved it even more because of that. We got tranced up in this piece, son.

The third quarter started and it was kept fairly quiet, especially with the pace of the game so far. Except for the fact that three deaths resulted when an errant ball was thrown into the stands. You lived as you died: covered in nacho cheese.

Then, we welcomed in our guest, pro footballer for the San Francisco 49ers, Marcus Cromartie. Marcus is a 24-year-old cornerback whose cousins Dominque and Romeo have already made a big splash in the league, as they try to become the Mannings of the DB position. A tall order, but they seem to have the talent (and sheer numbers) to back it up.


We allowed Marcus to test his ability, but rather than getting a pick six, we wanted to see if he could Pick Sex. Our models came in and tried to conceal a paper football behind their backs, while Marcus guessed where it was. If he was right, that model had to do the action written on the ball. Let’s just say there was some unnecessary roughness, and we loved it.

Finally, as the final seconds of the fourth quarter ticked away, the Patri-tits tried a last-ditch panty field goal to win the game and…. they missed! Not only did they miss, but they kicked it backwards somehow… Either way, the Sea-cups win!!

012915_09 012915_08 012915_07

To round out our show, Andrea Titty-Picked the Big Game and came up with… the Patriots. Come back Monday to see if her prediction holds water… or if it’s all just a little hot air. (We had to get one more deflate-gate joke in there. Sorry)

012915_04 012915_03 012915_02

Wednesday 1/28/15

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Woo-hoo! It’s Morning Show time! Get out of bed and sit right back down on the couch.

We started the show today with some color commentary about the upcoming Playboy Boobie Bowl, from our hot announcers, Marylee and Zoey. It didn’t really provide much insight into the game, but we did get to see them use their mouths, which is what all good commentators do. Although most of them don’t make out. Probably.

After that, we introduced our bartender for the show, the lovely Ms. Heather Storm. Heather showed us how to make some fanciful and herb-irific cocktails that are sure to please even the pickiest drinkers at your football party. Her recipes are way better than the one we were going to use: Kool-Aid Mix, Vodka, Bathtub.

Next, we had our girls make up some slogans you can shout while you watch from your couch (if you’re not afraid of looking like a doofus), in a segment we’re calling Cheer Me Up! Studies show that the players, coaches, and/or referees actually can’t hear you through your TV, but what do those dumb science-folk know about anything anyway? GO (team)!

Following the cheer-sesh, we switched gears from the hard hits of football, to the quick hits of tennis for a segment called Tennis or Pennis. The Australian Open is currently going on, and some of these ladies sound a bit more open than you should be in a public sporting event. We tried to decipher which moans and grunts were taken from a tennis match or a porn scene, in one of our more challenging guessing games. Kinda makes you want to watch tennis with your eyes closed….

We took a short break and then welcomed in Simon Helberg, whom you might recognize from the wildly popular sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory,” who is promoting his new film “We’ll Never Have Paris.” The story is based on the true-to-life events surrounding Simon and his wife’s marriage (and near lack-thereof). Knowing that this is a true story only makes it funnier, and knowing that Simon filmed his “sad handjob” scene in front of strangers and family only makes it cringy-er. Go check it out on iTunes and On-Demand!

Finally, we brought in our ladies to play Love Stories, where they are given a situation and have to take off clothing if they have experienced it. Moving from San Diego to Oakland is a bummer and you should be punished for it. Chloe ended up “winning” by keeping the most clothing on, and as a reward got to strip it all off for the other girls’ enjoyment. Talk about a booby prize.

Tuesday 1/27/15

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Morning Show goin’ up on a Tuesday! Throw your bras up in the air like you just don’t care!

The show got started today with another healthy dose of Sextra Point, intended to get your mind prepared for the Big Game this Sunday, while your body remains the same. Because you’re not playing in the game, but you will definitely be talking about it.

After that, we went on a blizzard-style Choose Your Own Ass-venture, with the lovely Ruby leading the charge, and Ali and Mariela helping her along the way. When it comes to too much snow, keep warm, cuddle up close, and rub each other’s boobs (if you have boobs, obviously).

Next, we played a new game on the show, called The ‘Uh’ Game. How many times do you say ‘uh’ in a day? If it’s a lot, you’re not gonna be great at this game where you list information without trying to stammer, stutter, or flounder. Our ladies showed that sometimes confidence is key, especially when the consequences lead to nudity. Ya gotta own it!

We took a short break and then welcomed in Rya Kihlstedt and William Mapother from the new horror/thriller based-on-a-true-story creep-fest, “The Atticus Institute.” The story centers around a paranormal research institute where things start to go awry, and then the government steps in and things get even worse. Typical. Go check it out On-Demand and on iTunes!

Finally, we played a game based on this movie about psychics and possession called Pin-Up Possession. Our sexy pin-up models came in and gave us their best devil-stretch, scary voice, and answered a few questions about when they noticed they had their special powers. Although in outfits like those, it’s really not that hard to read a guy’s mind.

Monday 1/26/15

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Howdy, ya’ll, pull up an interweb and let me spin ye a yarn ’bout this here Playboy Morning Show…

The show began today with a press conference with our show’s host Dan, to discuss the recent controversy surrounding some blow up dolls that were deflated. Dan assured the reporters that there was no foul play going on, and neither was there foreplay. Both would have been pointless.

Next, we got into our first Sextra Point of the week, wherein our hot girls give you the definition of a football term and then act it out. It’s the only sure-fire way that you won’t make a fool out of yourself for not knowing what’s going on when the Big Game finally happens. You’re still free to make a fool of yourself by getting blackout drunk, though.

012615_05 012615_06 012615_08

We then welcomed in Scott Zabielski, finalist in Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. We aired his commercial and then brought him in to discuss what he thinks his chances are, and what he plans on doing with the million dollars if/when he wins. His answer was a bit more practical than we expected from someone who produces and directs episodes of “Tosh.0”.


While Scott was in studio, we brought in three of our models to show of their own Doritos commercials, and tell us what inspired them. After we watched all three, Scott went with the salacious one Juliet brought in, saying he couldn’t see a reason the good folks at Doritos wouldn’t want it representing their brand. We’re inclined to agree.

We took a short break and came back with another Sextra Point, which looked strikingly similar to the first Sextra Point. Maybe football is harder than we thought.

Then, we brought in Tony Lucca, singer/songwriter, former Mouse-keteer, contestant on “The Voice,” you name it, he’s sung it. His new album, “Tony Lucca” is out tomorrow, so do yourself a favor and check it out! Tony talked about the craziness of fans and the time he almost got 24-hour Disney security detail protecting him. You don’t mess with the mouse.

To round out the show, we played some Your Song Tit-les with Tony, based on musicians he’s listed as his major influences. Our girls silently acted out the titles, leaving Tony to guess, which he actually did very well at. Sometimes silence can be music to our ears.


012615_01 012615_02 012615_03 012615_04

Thursday 1/22/15

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It’s Thursday, and we had a jam-packed, crazy awesome show for you today! Let’s have a little peek…

The show began with a quick look at some pictures Dan took on the beach, a la Kim Kardashian. And don’t worry, his fur bikini top was humanely made, because it was mostly likely made from Dan himself.

We needed to get that image out of our heads, luckily we had our super hot models in to give us Six Seconds of Sexy, in honor of all the Vine superstars out there, making videos just long enough for our collective attention spans. Even if it only takes six seconds to recognize our girls’ beauty… we really wish we had a couple more.012215_07012215_06

Next, we welcomed in popular Viner and star of the new FOX show “Backstrom,” Page Kennedy. Page talked about being on a heavily anticipated new cop/comedy hybrid show, and also about that time he had a three-way with a set of twins at the Playboy Mansion. Casual.


Page helped us play our next game, Know It or Show It! Our girls did their best to answer trivia questions, and lost clothes if they couldn’t come up with the answers. They did pretty well at first, but it didn’t take long until all the clothes were off their bodies and on the floor. They look better on the floor anyway, don’t you think?012215_08

After a quick break, we came back to welcome in the band Lotus Crush, who are promoting their new album, “Rabbit Hole.” The guys gave us a world premiere live performance of their new song “Blood in the Water,” and then talked about their journey together as a band. Not to be confused with the band Journey.

Since their lead singer was a contestant on “The Voice,” we decided it was only right to play a quick round of The Fuck-Me Voice! Our ladies came in and gave their best sultry seduction, while everyone else’s backs were turned. In the end, they cast their votes for Evey, and dedicated their next performance of “Hearts and Minds” to her. She asked if this makes her a groupie now, and we didn’t really know how to answer that… Maybe.


Wednesday 1/21/15

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Howdy out there, all you bunny enthusiasts! For a website on actual rabbits, look elsewhere. Sorry for the confusion.

The show began today with a new segment called Boobs and Asses, where two of our aspiring students in the school of common sense heard some stories from dumb asses in the real world and were tested on the correct answers. For clarification: the moon is not a planet.

Next, we ran through a Sexperiment, where we tested if a man’s attention span is actually improved when you include boobs into the equation. This was all brought about by the British tabloid The Sun taking out their page 3 girl, a storied tradition, due to complaints from “activists.” Based on our research with our writer Dave, they should put it back in. At least, if they want people to actually retain the information.


We took a short break and then came back to honor our president’s State of the Union Address by having Cody read one of Abraham Lincoln’s famous “SOTU” speeches, but while also munching on a jalapeno pepper. Hot girls, hot peppers, and hot-button issues. What more could you ask for?

Then, we brought in the stars of a new film called “Americons,” Matt Funke, Beau Martin Williams, and Brian Thomas Smith. Matt and Beau also wrote the film and financed it themselves, doing 12 days of shooting in 5 different cities. It sounds like quite an undertaking and it looks like it turned out great, so be sure to check it out January 23rd.

While the guys were in studio, we wanted to pit them against our models in a special “Ameri-CANS vs. Ameri-CONS” version of Playboy Feud. The men swept the rounds, but were good sports about it and didn’t gloat too much. A few high-fives aren’t excessive, right?

012115_04 012115_05 012115_06

012115_01 012115_02 012115_03

Tuesday 1/20/15

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It’s the Playboy Morning Show, brought to you today by the letters T and A.

We started things off today by checking out a letter that we found on the Titanic and is now up for auction. Although, we never said if it was from the ship or the James Cameron movie, so technically it’s YOUR fault if you bid on it.


Next, we checked out some pictures of dudes from Instagram and asked our models to give them advice on #HowNotToDieAlone. Good advice for any gentleman setting sails on the tumultuous seas of dating life, but mostly just for these pathetic losers. If you want our girls to give YOU advice, follow us on Instagram and tag a picture with #hownottodiealone. You might just get the attention you so crave.

After that, court was in session… Cummins Court, to be exact. With judge Daniel B. Cummins presiding, we heard the case of the destroyed dress between Kat and new girl Marylee. Judge Dan, with swift and forceful reckoning, ruled in favor of Kat, and sentenced Marylee to five hard spanks to the hindquarters, which is the equivalent of like, 6 months in jail or something. The post-trial interviews shed some light on the girls’ states of mind, and the state of Marylee’s ass.

012015_09 012015_10

We took a short break and then welcomed in funnyman and friend of the show, Jo Koy. Jo told us how excited he is for the Super Bowl (exactly 16,800 dollars worth of tickets excited), and it seems like he’s doing pretty good for himself, despite owning so many hoodies. Jo stuck around to play our final game with the girls, What Happens Next? We saw some old-school Playmate videos that never fail to disappoint and tried to guess what would happen next in the scene. It’s not so easily done, as demonstrated by everyone’s poor guesses, and it just goes to show you that sometimes you can’t judge a crazy movie from the 90’s simply by its content. We’re not really sure what that means, either.

012015_01 012015_02 012015_03 012015_04