Tuesday 1/6/15

Welcome to a banner 600th episode of the Playboy Morning Show! Hard to believe that it’s already been so long, and hard and long are just the way we like it.

We started the show off today with a rousing (and arousing) game of Lesbian Chicken to celebrate Miami’s lifted ban on gay marriage. Juliet and Margaret squared off and tried to make the other blink first. Lord knows we were all staring.

After that, we checked out a very real billboard for… the KKK. Yes, those crazy white-robed racists are trying hard to re-brand themselves, it seems, and we got our hands on some of their “unused” slogans that we read for you today. In other words, they’re not fooling anybody.

Next, we talked with all four of our beautiful… um, beauties about their experiences with “fuck buddies” in our Hot Girl Focus Group. We learned that sometimes the biggest enemy to gettin’ it on… is love itself. Disney never taught us that lesson…

We took a short break and then came back to test out a hypothesis that we posited last episode: that swearing is good. Turns out that saying profanities can actually act as a painkiller. To put this to the test, we had our models come into the studio and submerge their hands in bowls of freezing cold water, and let one of them swear and one of them read from a list of words that aren’t vulgar, but still fun to say while you’re in pain. Even Dan and Andrea got in on the challenge, proving once and for all that… wait, what were we trying to do again?

Anyway, we moved along and celebrated our milestone 600th episode by looking back at some of the fun things that we’ve done over the years. The girls, the guests, the games, Andrea… were all basically not included in the video. Turns out Dan edited it himself and kept it very “Dan-centric.” That’s the last time we let him use Final Cut on our computers.

Finally, we finished out the show with some Know It or Show It. It’s the longest-running naked game show in the history of TV and Radio and you know how it works: we ask questions, the girls get them wrong, they get naked, everybody wins!

010615_01 010615_03 010615_04 010615_05 010615_06 010615_07

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