Wednesday 1/7/2015

Happy Wednesday to all of you out there in internet land, the place with almost as much boobs per capita as our show. Almost.

We started things off today by talking about all the people who have been left out on the tarmac lately, when all they want to do is get off the plane and wait for their luggage. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so. But we’re here to help! We offered up some ways you can distract yourself in close cabin quarters and still say sexy. We put the T and A in TSA.

010715_05 010715_06 010715_07 010715_08

Next, we talked to a mysterious gentleman known only as “Double Dick Dude.” No, seriously. The man’s got two dicks. We talked to him about how they both work and what it’s like to fuck two girls at the same time… literally. We here at the Morning Show salute him, and want him to know that we all have a new favorite superpower.

In DDD’s honor, we played some Dick Pics! Our girls sat down on the couch and thought up some captions for pictures of things that looked like dicks. Just like “Jurassic Park,” these are some “clever girls.”

We took a short break and then welcomed in Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Zach McGowan from the STARZ series “Black Sails.” These pirates told us tails of the high seas, which basically means shooting in South Africa for seven months, and invite anyone and everyone to follow their show on Twitter to get clues for their very own buried treasure. Yarrr.

To round out the show we played a special round of Playboy Feud: Pirates vs. Booties Edition. The models and the actors went head-to-head in a game that in no way resembles any other ‘feud’-based game on television (aside from blind coincidence, of course). In the end, the actors game out on top, and got to hoist their flag above the Mini Mansion and sail off into the sunset. Yo ho ho, and a bottle of lube.

010715_01 010715_02 010715_03 010715_04

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