Wednesday 1/14/15

Aloha from sunny Mini Mansion! We mean “aloha” like hello, not goodbye. Man, that’d be confusing.

We started things off today with a little help for our friends over at Best Buy. It turns out that the internet and online shopping are being rather cruel to their profit margins and they need some fresh ideas. Well, you know us. When we see a hole, we fill that hole…. with hot chicks. We debuted some hotter outfits that Best Buy employees could wear as they sell their wares, and it just may be the right kind of medicine to keep that buzzing hub of overpriced electronics going for decades (or centuries) to come. Radio Shack is beyond saving, though.

Next, we wanted to welcome our new host Dan to our show, now that he’s officially the permanent host… by publicly mocking him. That’s right, it’s everyone’s favorite comment-section-inspired game, Constructive Criticism. We heard meaner and meaner criticisms of Dan from anonymous online jerks and tried to soften the blow a bit by having naked girls deliver the words. It works just as well for serving court documents.

To take us into the break, we tried our best to get through the hump day with Krystin’s help, as she and new girl Jackie acted out her favorite way to hump: doggy style. Hair pulling and choking is optional, of course.


We came back to play some Wheel of Fantasy, and boy was it fantastic. We saw a titty massage, sexy yoga, and even some trampoline bounce. We’re having trouble separating reality from fantasy these days, and this segment is definitely to blame.

011415_04 011415_05

Then, we talked on the phone with the legendary John Waters, whose new book “Carsick” is out now. The book chronicles John’s journey from Baltimore to San Francisco, but he only got there by hitchhiking. Not bad for a 66-year-old. John’s also hosting “Groundbreakers” right here on PlayboyTV, where you can see some classic porn movies from the bygone era. You won’t want to miss it!

011415_06 011415_07 011415_08 011415_09

To close out the show, and in honor of John’s love of all things perv-y, we played Name That Alleged Perv! Our girls helped break down the arrest stories and pin them to the (alleged) perv’s mugshot. This game proves time and time again that girls are much better at recognizing pervs than men. Maybe they have more practice or something.

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