Monday 1/19/15

Guess what! Morning Show butt.

We began the festivities today by checking out the first of our Topless Movie Trailer Reviews for Oscar season. Today’s film was appropriately “Selma,” the Martin Luther King biopic. While the ladies weren’t fans of the trailer for the movie, we here at the Morning Show are big fans of the Reverend Doctor himself. We agree that all titties are created equal.

We had a pair of new models on the show today, and Zoey took us through a sexy story from her life and Lauryn and Kaia reenacted it for our Kisstory segment. Did you know you can have sex while hooked up to a dialysis machine? We didn’t either. It should be called hooked up hooking up. Maybe.


Next, we talked to Graham Hughes, a man who has visited all 201 countries on planet Earth… without using  an airplane! He made the Guinness Book of World Records and a lot of friends along the way. We should send someone around the world and have them sleep with someone in each country… Now, that’s a reality show waiting to happen.

In Graham’s honor, we played a rousing game of Two Girls, One Map. We gave them trivia and asked them to fill in the name of a state, after finding in on the map. It’s a double dose of misunderstandings and oh-so fun to watch.

After a short break, we looked back at Andrea’s Titty Picks from last week, and she went 2/2! The Super Bowl is next, so get your betting chips ready…

Then, we welcomed in Jody “Babydol” Gibson, famous ex-Hollywood madame, whose escort clientele featured the biggest names in show business back in the ’90’s. She recently did a three-year stint in a maximum security prison, and let us just say, it sounds nothing like “Orange is the New Black.” Although some people definitely had crazy eyes.

011915_03 011915_04

To close out the show, we took another swing at T&A Pyramodel, with Lauryn making it past the first round and being able to play with Jody. She got them all right again, earning a spot in the Wiener’s Circle (and the pyramid of hot dogs). Lucky her!

011915_07011915_08011915_01 011915_02

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