Tuesday 1/20/15

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, brought to you today by the letters T and A.

We started things off today by checking out a letter that we found on the Titanic and is now up for auction. Although, we never said if it was from the ship or the James Cameron movie, so technically it’s YOUR fault if you bid on it.


Next, we checked out some pictures of dudes from Instagram and asked our models to give them advice on #HowNotToDieAlone. Good advice for any gentleman setting sails on the tumultuous seas of dating life, but mostly just for these pathetic losers. If you want our girls to give YOU advice, follow us on Instagram and tag a picture with #hownottodiealone. You might just get the attention you so crave.

After that, court was in session… Cummins Court, to be exact. With judge Daniel B. Cummins presiding, we heard the case of the destroyed dress between Kat and new girl Marylee. Judge Dan, with swift and forceful reckoning, ruled in favor of Kat, and sentenced Marylee to five hard spanks to the hindquarters, which is the equivalent of like, 6 months in jail or something. The post-trial interviews shed some light on the girls’ states of mind, and the state of Marylee’s ass.

012015_09 012015_10

We took a short break and then welcomed in funnyman and friend of the show, Jo Koy. Jo told us how excited he is for the Super Bowl (exactly 16,800 dollars worth of tickets excited), and it seems like he’s doing pretty good for himself, despite owning so many hoodies. Jo stuck around to play our final game with the girls, What Happens Next? We saw some old-school Playmate videos that never fail to disappoint and tried to guess what would happen next in the scene. It’s not so easily done, as demonstrated by everyone’s poor guesses, and it just goes to show you that sometimes you can’t judge a crazy movie from the 90’s simply by its content. We’re not really sure what that means, either.

012015_01 012015_02 012015_03 012015_04

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