Wednesday 1/21/15

Howdy out there, all you bunny enthusiasts! For a website on actual rabbits, look elsewhere. Sorry for the confusion.

The show began today with a new segment called Boobs and Asses, where two of our aspiring students in the school of common sense heard some stories from dumb asses in the real world and were tested on the correct answers. For clarification: the moon is not a planet.

Next, we ran through a Sexperiment, where we tested if a man’s attention span is actually improved when you include boobs into the equation. This was all brought about by the British tabloid The Sun taking out their page 3 girl, a storied tradition, due to complaints from “activists.” Based on our research with our writer Dave, they should put it back in. At least, if they want people to actually retain the information.


We took a short break and then came back to honor our president’s State of the Union Address by having Cody read one of Abraham Lincoln’s famous “SOTU” speeches, but while also munching on a jalapeno pepper. Hot girls, hot peppers, and hot-button issues. What more could you ask for?

Then, we brought in the stars of a new film called “Americons,” Matt Funke, Beau Martin Williams, and Brian Thomas Smith. Matt and Beau also wrote the film and financed it themselves, doing 12 days of shooting in 5 different cities. It sounds like quite an undertaking and it looks like it turned out great, so be sure to check it out January 23rd.

While the guys were in studio, we wanted to pit them against our models in a special “Ameri-CANS vs. Ameri-CONS” version of Playboy Feud. The men swept the rounds, but were good sports about it and didn’t gloat too much. A few high-fives aren’t excessive, right?

012115_04 012115_05 012115_06

012115_01 012115_02 012115_03

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