Thursday 1/22/15

It’s Thursday, and we had a jam-packed, crazy awesome show for you today! Let’s have a little peek…

The show began with a quick look at some pictures Dan took on the beach, a la Kim Kardashian. And don’t worry, his fur bikini top was humanely made, because it was mostly likely made from Dan himself.

We needed to get that image out of our heads, luckily we had our super hot models in to give us Six Seconds of Sexy, in honor of all the Vine superstars out there, making videos just long enough for our collective attention spans. Even if it only takes six seconds to recognize our girls’ beauty… we really wish we had a couple more.012215_07012215_06

Next, we welcomed in popular Viner and star of the new FOX show “Backstrom,” Page Kennedy. Page talked about being on a heavily anticipated new cop/comedy hybrid show, and also about that time he had a three-way with a set of twins at the Playboy Mansion. Casual.


Page helped us play our next game, Know It or Show It! Our girls did their best to answer trivia questions, and lost clothes if they couldn’t come up with the answers. They did pretty well at first, but it didn’t take long until all the clothes were off their bodies and on the floor. They look better on the floor anyway, don’t you think?012215_08

After a quick break, we came back to welcome in the band Lotus Crush, who are promoting their new album, “Rabbit Hole.” The guys gave us a world premiere live performance of their new song “Blood in the Water,” and then talked about their journey together as a band. Not to be confused with the band Journey.

Since their lead singer was a contestant on “The Voice,” we decided it was only right to play a quick round of The Fuck-Me Voice! Our ladies came in and gave their best sultry seduction, while everyone else’s backs were turned. In the end, they cast their votes for Evey, and dedicated their next performance of “Hearts and Minds” to her. She asked if this makes her a groupie now, and we didn’t really know how to answer that… Maybe.


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