Monday 1/26/15

Howdy, ya’ll, pull up an interweb and let me spin ye a yarn ’bout this here Playboy Morning Show…

The show began today with a press conference with our show’s host Dan, to discuss the recent controversy surrounding some blow up dolls that were deflated. Dan assured the reporters that there was no foul play going on, and neither was there foreplay. Both would have been pointless.

Next, we got into our first Sextra Point of the week, wherein our hot girls give you the definition of a football term and then act it out. It’s the only sure-fire way that you won’t make a fool out of yourself for not knowing what’s going on when the Big Game finally happens. You’re still free to make a fool of yourself by getting blackout drunk, though.

012615_05 012615_06 012615_08

We then welcomed in Scott Zabielski, finalist in Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. We aired his commercial and then brought him in to discuss what he thinks his chances are, and what he plans on doing with the million dollars if/when he wins. His answer was a bit more practical than we expected from someone who produces and directs episodes of “Tosh.0”.


While Scott was in studio, we brought in three of our models to show of their own Doritos commercials, and tell us what inspired them. After we watched all three, Scott went with the salacious one Juliet brought in, saying he couldn’t see a reason the good folks at Doritos wouldn’t want it representing their brand. We’re inclined to agree.

We took a short break and came back with another Sextra Point, which looked strikingly similar to the first Sextra Point. Maybe football is harder than we thought.

Then, we brought in Tony Lucca, singer/songwriter, former Mouse-keteer, contestant on “The Voice,” you name it, he’s sung it. His new album, “Tony Lucca” is out tomorrow, so do yourself a favor and check it out! Tony talked about the craziness of fans and the time he almost got 24-hour Disney security detail protecting him. You don’t mess with the mouse.

To round out the show, we played some Your Song Tit-les with Tony, based on musicians he’s listed as his major influences. Our girls silently acted out the titles, leaving Tony to guess, which he actually did very well at. Sometimes silence can be music to our ears.


012615_01 012615_02 012615_03 012615_04

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