Tuesday 1/27/15

Morning Show goin’ up on a Tuesday! Throw your bras up in the air like you just don’t care!

The show got started today with another healthy dose of Sextra Point, intended to get your mind prepared for the Big Game this Sunday, while your body remains the same. Because you’re not playing in the game, but you will definitely be talking about it.

After that, we went on a blizzard-style Choose Your Own Ass-venture, with the lovely Ruby leading the charge, and Ali and Mariela helping her along the way. When it comes to too much snow, keep warm, cuddle up close, and rub each other’s boobs (if you have boobs, obviously).

Next, we played a new game on the show, called The ‘Uh’ Game. How many times do you say ‘uh’ in a day? If it’s a lot, you’re not gonna be great at this game where you list information without trying to stammer, stutter, or flounder. Our ladies showed that sometimes confidence is key, especially when the consequences lead to nudity. Ya gotta own it!

We took a short break and then welcomed in Rya Kihlstedt and William Mapother from the new horror/thriller based-on-a-true-story creep-fest, “The Atticus Institute.” The story centers around a paranormal research institute where things start to go awry, and then the government steps in and things get even worse. Typical. Go check it out On-Demand and on iTunes!

Finally, we played a game based on this movie about psychics and possession called Pin-Up Possession. Our sexy pin-up models came in and gave us their best devil-stretch, scary voice, and answered a few questions about when they noticed they had their special powers. Although in outfits like those, it’s really not that hard to read a guy’s mind.

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