Wednesday 1/28/15

Woo-hoo! It’s Morning Show time! Get out of bed and sit right back down on the couch.

We started the show today with some color commentary about the upcoming Playboy Boobie Bowl, from our hot announcers, Marylee and Zoey. It didn’t really provide much insight into the game, but we did get to see them use their mouths, which is what all good commentators do. Although most of them don’t make out. Probably.

After that, we introduced our bartender for the show, the lovely Ms. Heather Storm. Heather showed us how to make some fanciful and herb-irific cocktails that are sure to please even the pickiest drinkers at your football party. Her recipes are way better than the one we were going to use: Kool-Aid Mix, Vodka, Bathtub.

Next, we had our girls make up some slogans you can shout while you watch from your couch (if you’re not afraid of looking like a doofus), in a segment we’re calling Cheer Me Up! Studies show that the players, coaches, and/or referees actually can’t hear you through your TV, but what do those dumb science-folk know about anything anyway? GO (team)!

Following the cheer-sesh, we switched gears from the hard hits of football, to the quick hits of tennis for a segment called Tennis or Pennis. The Australian Open is currently going on, and some of these ladies sound a bit more open than you should be in a public sporting event. We tried to decipher which moans and grunts were taken from a tennis match or a porn scene, in one of our more challenging guessing games. Kinda makes you want to watch tennis with your eyes closed….

We took a short break and then welcomed in Simon Helberg, whom you might recognize from the wildly popular sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory,” who is promoting his new film “We’ll Never Have Paris.” The story is based on the true-to-life events surrounding Simon and his wife’s marriage (and near lack-thereof). Knowing that this is a true story only makes it funnier, and knowing that Simon filmed his “sad handjob” scene in front of strangers and family only makes it cringy-er. Go check it out on iTunes and On-Demand!

Finally, we brought in our ladies to play Love Stories, where they are given a situation and have to take off clothing if they have experienced it. Moving from San Diego to Oakland is a bummer and you should be punished for it. Chloe ended up “winning” by keeping the most clothing on, and as a reward got to strip it all off for the other girls’ enjoyment. Talk about a booby prize.

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