Monday 2/2/15

Hard to believe it’s already February! Especially here in LA, where it’s 70 degrees out.

We began things for the show today by having our “bunnies” come out of their hibernation holes and check to see if the light was good enough to take selfies with. It was! That means no six additional weeks of winter, and spring is right around the corner. So long, Old Man Winter, hello Little Miss Spring.

020215_04 020215_05 020215_07 020215_08

After that, we recapped our Boobie Bowl special, and Andrea’s Titty Pick was right on the money for the Big Game. Dan was still (rightfully) heartbroken about the way the game ended, but boy was it exciting, especially if you didn’t really care who won.

Then, we talked via Skype with Corine Lewis, the former cheerleader who broke the internet when a football player tweeted an old picture of her before the BCS Championship Game. She’s currently trying to get a few TV shows produced, and is still as foxy as ever, and we wish her the best of luck. Any girl who can shut down Twitter is a friend of ours.

In Corine’s honor, we played a game called Goin’ Viral. We slowly de-pixelated a picture of internet celebrities and the first girl to buzz in and answer correctly got the points! We’d like to say here, on the internet, that this is the first time in history that anyone has received a tangible award for their knowledge of internet memes. Even if that tangible reward was just some ink on a dry erase board.


We took a quick break and then came back with some Tough Love. We read three letters asking us for advice, and a model gave her two cents. Then, Andrea gave her opinion. Then, Dan laid down the law with some Tough Love; it’s not easy to hear, harder to say, but necessary for your growth as a person. Get it together!

In preparation for the Oscars in a few weeks, we’ve been reviewing the trailers to some of the movies that were nominated, in our Topless Movie Trailer Reviews. Today’s film was the Stephen Hawking biopic, “The Theory of Everything.” Would it help you review this movie if you knew who Stephen Hawking is? Absolutely. Are we surprised one of our girls didn’t? Not really. Either way, the trailer got mixed reviews, so get it from RedBox or something.

Finally, we know you’re hungover from the big game yesterday. Whether your team triumphed, your team blew it, or you’re just glad football is over for seven months, everyone is reeling from a truly Super Sunday. In the spirit of that ringing in your ears, we played the game Walk of Shame. Our girls, still in their football best, stripped, got blindfolded, and then tried to find their outfits, which were strewn about the room. They might not be able to see, but you sure can!

020215_11 020215_12

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