Tuesday 2/3/15


The show began today with a new model in a new segment called Like a Model. No, it’s not our take on the popular Madonna song, although this new model is technically a Morning Show virgin… We interviewed Amy, and gave out her instagram handle: mimi_nemeth, so that she can get the likes she desperately needs. Let’s all do our part, shall we?

Next up, a rousing and arousing round of Who Would You Do, where Dan and Andrea debated each other in a who-would-you-rather style game involving mythical winter creatures. We’ve now thought things about snowmen we won’t soon forget.

021015_03 021015_04

After that, we utilized our models’ skills as texting aficionados to come up with some new, non-verbal ways to say things from your phone, in a game called Emoji-Me! These ladies know their phones backward and forward, and we trust them when they say that we need some bong and vibrator emojis. They could be useful in some circumstances, sure.


We took a short break and then came back to welcome in Matthew Gray Gubler, best known for his work on “Criminal Minds,” and promoting his new feature film, “Suburban Gothic.” It’s a horror/comedy that looks great, and Matthew’s maybe the nicest guy ever, so you should definitely check out his movie, either in theaters or on-demand.

021015_05 021015_02

Finally, our ladies came in one last time to prove that they’re not only beautiful… they’re cunning, too. In the game of Truth or Bare, they laid it all on the line, hoping that they could fool our hosts into believing that they were the perpetrators of a specific story, and if they were found out, off the clothing came! Laid bare definitely has a new meaning.


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